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Got a deal you’re working on and want us to help sell it? We have a generously sized network of professional and serious buyers that are always looking for different investments to add to their portfolio. Whether you’ve already got the property under contract or you’ve got someone you’d like to refer over for us to work on together, we’d love to partner.

How Can We Close Deals?

Refer as a Realtor/Broker

JV With a Wholesale Contract

Send us an Address or Referral

One of our Owner’s carries an active Real Estate license and can receive referrals on properties through Brokerages. If you’re dealing with a property that doesn’t fit the typical listing mold for whatever the reason, give us a try. Depending on their situation we may be able to provide them an offer that suits their needs and pay you a fee when we close.

Got a deal under contract already but don’t have enough buyers to work with yet? Send it through our network and we’ll pay you 50% every time when we close. We do a bit more than your standard wholesaler and our relationship direct to seller is the most important piece in this whole deal. Ideally we’ll work together to ensure the smoothest closing.

Drove by a vacant property or one that’s got pretty bad deferred maintenance? If you manage to jot down the address, we’ll run it through our system and put our cold calling team on the task of calling all numbers associated to that property. If we get ahold of the owner and work out a deal, we’ll cut you 50%. The same goes for a referral you send over!

Check Out Some Properties We’ve Assigned…

We work in Tennessee, Knoxville, N Georgia & Huntsville.

Send us some information below and we’ll reach out as soon as possible. We look forward to doing business together and creating a long term working relationship! Now let’s get these deals 🙂

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